SBBoursot is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Cote d'Or of Burgundy, France. 

She has always had a talent for art, that she has and continues to augment with much enjoyed experimentation and courses.  Now  in a position to devote her time to her art, she has exhibited in juried exhibitions in Paris and London and won the Prix Fusain at Art-Sciences-Lettres in spring 2022.

As subjects she is attracted to interpreting people and animals, and the intimate moments, experiences, emotions or situations they find themselves in, presenting a version of the reality through loose and energetic strokes, blurring edges.   She draws on her life experiences and travels, for a commentary on aspects of life.   

Charcoal is a current favourite medium as she enjoys its qualities allowing her to manipulate it in a similar way to paint, conveying meaning or emotion with a few gestures, with the drama of the monochrome.  She uses charcoal on paper and canvas, allowing each support to influence the effects created, sometimes adding paint, with an increasing desire to go beyond what is normally expected from charcoal art.

Her sculptures are developed intuitively, allowing an artistic freedom compared to her figurative works, but also commenting on life,  aging and abandonment. 




14 février – 19 février 2023, Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l'Eau, Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris  “Guy with Wine” to be exhibited along with a new smaller work also available for sale there



24 juillet – La Karrière, exposition de sculptures.

25 juin – 8 juillet 2022, BISCB (Biennale Interactive de Sculpture Contemporaine en Bourgogne) Nolay

6 mai – 12 mai 2022, Arts-Sciences-Lettres, La Galerie Thuillier, 75003 Paris. Recompensé du Prix Fusain /Awarded the Prize for Charocoal.



Mestre, Santenay

La Karrière, exposition et portraits des visiteurs en directe / exhibition and live portrait drawing of visitors

The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2021, The Mall Galleries, London.



Class of 2020, exposition en ligne et à Surrey Quays, Londres


Coup de Coeur, Auxey-Duresses

Marché de la Création, parc Darcy, Dijon

Les Puces de l'Image, La Karrière, Villars Fontaine 

Marché des Artistes, Bligny sur Ouche

Granges et Jardins, 9eme Exposition Chevignerot, Vignoles


20th Salon de Peinture de Sully

Les Puces de l'Image, La Karrière



May 2022, Prix Fusain, Salon Arts-Sciences-Lettres

Nov 2021 “Special Recognition for Excellence in Art” in 3D category for “Knowing my Plaice” of 10th Open Art Exhibition

June 2018 Special Recognition for painting “Soirée Brumeuse”  in the Light Space Time Online Exhibition.

June 2017 Special Recognition for painting “Emile at the Window” in the Light Space Time Online Exhibition – Animals.