Infrequent Meanderings

I’ve toyed a long time with writing an artist blog. But what about, and do I have the time to post frequently?  I want to focus on my art and not a blog.  Perhaps best not to start one if it is hardly ever  to be written.

Despite the misgivings, here’s my first post. It’s more so I can start somewhere, setting out what I will be doing here, rather than because I am inspired to do so. Once started, posting may flow better.

This will not be a how-to-art blog.  I will post inspirations for a piece, or what is happening on a particular day while I’m working on a piece which will influence how I’m working, some insights into my process, the journey from starting point to finish.  Sometimes, it may revealing how I’m having problems with particular works, at others just a motto that is pervading my thoughts  whilst working on a piece or a photo that sums up a mood of the day.  These may not even be full posts and their titles will probably be the dates.  A glimpse, perhaps, behind the creative curtain. There will probably be no beginning, middle and end to them, no balance of photos to text, no posting every day or on set days.

If you want to contact me with a question about any of my blog posts or my process, please do so via the contact page. If I think it will be of particular interest I may also write a blog post about that. To be advised of new posts, subscribe to this blog (found at the bottom of the footer).