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This work was commenced shortly after the invasion of Ukraine of 2022. I wanted to use my portrait skills in a cathartic work. It reflects a frustration and sadness of the global political climate that in the past and the present helped steer the world to where a full invasion […]

Completed Sculpture

After many layers, working and reworking the form, the paints, the layers of resin, one of the works previously mentioned as in progress, is now completed. It has a lot of resin work on it and is a piece that invites you to turn it over and over, to discover […]

Sculptures in progress

September 2020 – I’ve decided this will now be a frequently updated post, which is linked to from my Sculptures page. It will show raw snapshots of sculptures that are in progress. My sculptures have many layers to them and between working on each one there is usually a wait […]

donkey, art work in progress,


Donkeys in the news.  Donkey sanctuary and Lions led by donkeys.  Felt the need to paint a donkey.  Here is the start, the first draft to give placement, some idea of colours, highlights and shadows.  I rarely draw first, usually going straight to paint either with a brush or knife.  […]

Infrequent Meanderings

I’ve toyed a long time with writing an artist blog. But what about, and do I have the time to post frequently?  I want to focus on my art and not a blog.  Perhaps best not to start one if it is hardly ever  to be written. Despite the misgivings, […]