Sculptures in progress

September 2020 – I’ve decided this will now be a frequently updated post, which is linked to from my Sculptures page.

It will show raw snapshots of sculptures that are in progress. My sculptures have many layers to them and between working on each one there is usually a wait for things to dry, delays due to weather conditions, or a wait for a batch of resin to be mixed as I may only be covering a small part of the sculpture with resin for that layer. I work on several at a time because of that, but it also means that the process for each work takes a long time and so I may not be posting any new work for a while.

I prefer to have all the photos on one blogpost rather than writing new blogposts for each time/work. This way only one link is needed and it will hopefully be interesting to look back at after the finished articles are displayed. The disadvantage is that since it is an update to an existing blogpost, no-one will be notified when I post new photos, but I may add them to Facebook too, so if anyone would like to be notified, please follow on Facebook, where I will probably add a few more words on what I’m doing.